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A thorough combination of TRAINING, FRANCHISE CONTACTS, and ONGOING SUPPORT, teaching qualified individuals to be profitable consultants to franchise buyers in their market.

To help people who want to own a franchise but are confused by all the options available. You will gather information about their goals for business ownership, focus them on several franchises that best fit these goals, and then get them in touch with representatives from each of those franchises, who will provide them with the detail information necessary for them to make a well-informed decision.

You will have available for referral- a variety of different franchise categories to choose from small to large, and known nationally and internationally.

You are paid a commission, referral fee, or finder’s fee when a candidate you introduce to a franchise company consummates a purchase. These fees can range up to as high as $50,000 for a single transaction.

Under our referral agreement, your fee is due and payable at the time the franchise fee is paid in full, not when the business finally opens.

No, the franchise seller absorbs your commission as part of his marketing cost. The buyer pays the published purchase price, just as if he had gone directly to the Franchise Company.

If a buyer knows exactly what franchise he wants, he will probably go directly to the company. The buyer that wants to look over several concepts can come to the Consultant for one-stop shopping and the convenience of prescreening franchises before spending research time on any one.

Like the travel agent or the real estate agent, the Consultant is able to save the buyer time. The Consultant will introduce the buyer only to those franchises that meet his exact needs, saving the buyer hundreds of research hours and wasted effort, all at no cost to the buyer.

No. The real “selling” is done by the Franchise Company, as only they can be experts in every facet of the business for sale. The Consultant should have good organizational and communication skills to match up buyers with sellers.

Affiliate Consultants act in a similar capacity to a company representative working as an independent contractor for sales referrals. However, licensed agents may benefit from their experience.

Over 43% of all retail sales in the United States last year went through franchised outlets, although only 12% of businesses nationally are franchised. This remarkable statistic, along with the incredibly high success rate for new franchised outlets, has led to an explosion in franchise sales nationally. Today’s prospect needn’t be “sold” on buying a franchise, only assisted in finding the perfect franchise for them.

Very important. Franchise Consulting provides everything needed to enter the lucrative franchise field at once, eliminating the long learning curve and barriers to entry in representing quality franchises.

Unlimited consulting from an experienced staff, whose extensive training will minimize costly startup mistakes. As a Franchise Consulting Affiliate Consultant, you have continued access to updated systems and methodology.

Yes, without question. It would be possible to maintain full-time employment while pursuing long term goals as a franchise consultant.

Franchise Consulting will provide you the tools, training, franchise contacts, and ongoing support to be successful in this business. You should bring to the equation motivation, education, business experience, organizational skills, and the ability to communicate well.

No fixed royalties. Our network of Affiliate Consultants are not franchisees, and are paid directly by the franchisers. We earn a small override paid directly by the franchisers, meaning your success is our success.

No. You are not an agent or employee of the franchise company, merely a conduit to introduce buyer and seller. Your commissions are final and non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the business transaction.

Many Affiliate Consultants operate right from their home with a phone, fax, and computer. Although most of our consultations are telephone, meeting clients at their home or business can also be perceived as an added service.

The Affiliate Consultant brings the franchiser prospects who are interested, qualified, and whom they would never have met otherwise. It is a very cost effective marketing tool for the franchiser.

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